The Upcoming New Fashion Trend – Furs


A new upcoming fashion trend is furs. A while back, furs were also a trend but it slowly started to die out. However, this year furs became a new trend again. You may see on runways people with very extravagant fur outfits. We are not going for that type of look if that was what you were worried about. Just a small amount of faux fur onto your outfit is enough. Furs are a very unique texture and make your entire outfit look very put together if you wear it right, but many people don’t know how. Therefore, this article would help you out a little. Continue reading to find out how to style furs and what pieces to wear with fur clothing.

1. Start Off With Neutral Colors

You may see in stores the super bright color faux fur pieces. However, for a beginner with this trend, it is not easy to style that. Therefore, start off with a neutral fur piece. That could include something that is white, beige, brown, black or maroon, a huge fall color. Those will be much easier to pair with other pieces to complete your outfit as compared to a bright mint color or yellow.

2. Balance Your Outfit

If you are going to wear faux fur sweater, for example, don’t wear faux fur pants. Balance out your outfit. If you are going to wear something extravagant at the top, wear something more plain or neutral. Faux fur tops match very well with black jeans because the black color is a great balancer for outfits. In addition, if you are wearing faux fur at the top, don’t add on too much jewelry or accessories. That would make it look like you are trying too hard and that wouldn’t be too good.