Top 3 Easiest Jobs that Earn the Most Money


#3 Artists – $100,000

The third easiest job that pays the most is being an artist. It pays a surprising $100,000 per year. That is crazy! And also you are doing something that you love to do which is the major thing. Many people do their jobs but it does not mean that they enjoy doing what they do. Many actually dislike what they do but have to do it because they have no other choice. Therefore, if you love art or you have a passion for drawing and painting, you should definitely consider being an artist. Many artists sell their art and make a living off of that. Others become street artists where they draw portraits or abstract painting for a certain amount of money, usually not as much as if you sold your art.

#2 Freelance Writers – $105,000

The second easiest job is freelance writers. Freelance writers are basically people who write but their job is not permanent meaning that they get jobs only if people need any writing done or anything. Their jobs are not on a daily or permanent schedule. Many freelance writers work online and from the comfort of their homes. Writing is one of the easiest and simplest jobs on the market because it does not actually require too many skills. All you need is an understanding in a certain language and for a certain topic and there you go! Freelance writers get paid around $105,000 a year!