Top 5 Mansions Owned by Celebrities


1. Joan Rivers

The top celebrity with the biggest and most expensive house is the one and only Joan Rivers. It is magnificently beautiful. Her mansion was a country house in Connecticut and was seventy-five acres for 35 million dollars. She changed the inside of the house immensely and now it has a very vintage taste. Everything is very grand and looks just like a country house. Her room in particular is different from the rest of her house. It is a baby pink color which shows a different side of her. Her view is amazing. You can see the beautiful nature right outside her house with the mountains in the distant and the beautiful green plains. It is truly magnificent. But unfortunately as well all know she recently passed away. Let us keep her in our prayers.

2. Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo and her husband, Chris Ivery has the second greatest mansion on our list. Their mansion is located in the Los Feliz area in Los Angeles. They hired an architecture and interior decor to help remodel the entire house. When you see the before pictures, is already looks like they redesigned the house, but no, that is only the before the pictures. You will be so surprised by the after pictures. It is truly amazing. Their style was more of the Mediterranean Greek style which is very different from many different houses.